Two Face Investigations’ sole business purpose is to stop persons from being romanced, scammed, and sending monies to third parties. We wish to note that this service is for legitimate consumer purposes.

The sole protection of consumers. Two Face Investigations will never disclose the original owner of the photo. It should be noted that their information has been stolen, and they are victims of identity theft.

Two Face Investigations will not distribute reports generated from reverse facial recognition sites. All data obtained will be securely held within Two Face Investigations. No information will be disclosed to any third party unless compelled by law.

Two Face Investigations attempts to ensure that the information supplied is true and correct at the time of the completion of the final report. There will be occasions where identity confirmation cannot occur, which does not mean the person is legitimate. You, the consumer, must take the necessary steps to ensure your financial and personal safety. Do not disclose any personal information to a third party.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not disclose any personal information, passwords or any other information that may put you in financial or personal harm.

You, the consumer, are responsible for not sending any monies, gift cards or other items to anyone you have not met in person or confirmed their full identity.

Two Face Investigations uses several platforms to confirm identity and ensure you are not being scammed.

Two Face Investigations will report on information obtained and offer advice to ensure your financial and personal safety. It is your responsibility to take that advice on board. If you choose not to adhere to that advice and you, in turn, suffer a financial or personal loss, it will not be Two Face Investigations’ responsibility.

Commencement of investigations will only occur once payment has been received. A completed timeline can not be guaranteed. A final report should be received in seven days. If there is a delay, the customer will be notified.