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Two Face Investigations was established with a compassionate commitment to safeguarding individuals by validating the authenticity of online dating profiles, aiming to shield them from potential scammers and champion online dating safety.

Why?  Because every year in Australia millions of dollars is lost to smart, intelligent individuals like yourself who have fallen victim to romance scammers. Let’s work together to stop this.


Our specialization lies in uncovering fraudulent profiles on dating apps (catfishing). We work alongside you to reveal the truth.

With the strictest protocols for confidentiality, we endeavour to help you to prevent any romance scammers manipulating your heart and your finances.

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  • Does the relationship seem a little TOO perfect?
  • Are they asking you or your loved one for financial help or investment support?
  • Have your never met this person in real life?
  • Are they working overseas as a pilot, on a oil rig, a military person, doctor or even a actor
  • Have you got doubts about the authenticity of this person's identity.

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