Meet Kylee Dennis, a seasoned law enforcement professional with a remarkable 14-year journey in the New South Wales Police Force. Kylee's diverse expertise spans a spectrum of specialized roles and responsibilities, exemplifying her commitment to ensuring safety, justice, and effective crisis management within the community.


Kylee Dennis

NSW Police Officer (14 years)

Professional Experience & Training

  • Intelligence officer
  • Hostage Negotiator & Undercover Operative
  • Detective & Adult Sexual Assault Investigator
  • Child Protection Specialist
  • Police commendation in investigation

Tertiary Education

  • Business Law Degree
  • Crisis Negotiation degree
Kylee Dennis

Kylee Dennis has had a remarkable and diverse career that showcases her dedication, versatility, and commitment to serving her community as well as a business owner and operator. Her diverse expertise, spanning various specialized roles and responsibilities within the New South Wales Police Force, demonstrates her unwavering commitment to ensuring safety, justice, and effective crisis management.

As an Intelligence Officer, her analytical skills and attention to detail and ability to decipher complex situations and think strategically allowed her to excel in this role, setting the stage for her progression into more challenging positions both within the police force and beyond.

Her role as a Hostage Negotiator stands out as a testament to her exceptional ability to remain calm under pressure. Her success in resolving high-stakes crises and diffusing tense situations, all while prioritizing the safety of civilians, underscores her exceptional communication skills, empathy, and quick thinking.

Transitioning into the role of an Undercover Operative, her willingness to immerse herself in dangerous environments to gather critical intelligence played a pivotal role in numerous successful operations.

Her career continued to evolve as she became a Detective, where her meticulous approach to investigations and determination to seek justice led to the resolution of numerous complex cases. Her tenacity and commitment were recognized with a Police Commendation for her outstanding investigative work.

Her role as a Child Protection Specialist further underscores her exceptional commitment to serving the community and ensuring the well-being of its most vulnerable members. Her compassionate approach and unwavering dedication to supporting victims and their families in this role are truly commendable. By safeguarding the rights and well-being of all citizens, especially those who are most in need of protection, she exemplifies the highest standards of empathy and care.